Geoff  Valenti   ValentiMaecenas

Trumpet and Flugelhorn

Music and Me

I’m an experienced trumpet player of over 40 years standing, originally from Sutton in Surrey, and now living life by the sea in Bognor Regis, in the lovely county of West Sussex.

In addition to the trumpet and flugelhorn, I also play guitar, harmonica, piano accordion and bass guitar.

During my varied musical career, I’ve played with many kinds of ensembles including orchestras, military bands, small jazz groups, big bands as well as pop/function bands and solo performances.

I’ve always had a keen interest in the technical side of music recording, and for a number of years ran a successful small project recording studio, using both analogue and digital recording methods.

I originally started with the Atari ST running a MIDI only version of Steinberg Cubase synchronised to a Tascam analogue tape machine, moving over to fully digital recording when the PC platform allowed.

I still retain that interest to this day, and can often be found immersed in “Cubase”, recording my latest project.

Music Technology